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A small click answered her prayer and the door slid open easily. She couldn t recall a time when any man looked at her with such tenderness.

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    Don't Get Stuck In A Box

    A well designed commercial telephone system can actually help you present your best face possible to potential customers, driving sales up. How your employees present themselves on the phone can make a considerable difference in how they are percieved by your customers. But they are only as good as the tools you give them to work with. Conversely, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that a poorly designed system will cost you business. For most small to midsized businesses, if a customer doesn’t talk to someone right away, they are just going to hang up and call someone else. So it is important that your telephone system is as reliable and well thought out as possible.

    Most commercial telephone systems vendors hold dealerships with one or two major manufacturers. As a result, they are under tremendous pressure to meet arbitrary sales quotas by those manufacturers. So they try to sell you the system that works best for them. But the system they have to sell you may not be completely right for your application. If you are looking to replace an old telephone system, install a new system in a new location or just need service on what you have, Southern Cross can provide an experienced and objective view without trying to cram you into a box.

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  • It was hard to sit and eat, knowing all of this, and a glance in Charles direction only upset her all the more.

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  • Southern Cross Communications is backed by more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and its principals were involved with computer-telephone integration and VoIP technologies when other telecommunications professionals were still afraid of voice mail.

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    Our website is currently under construction but feel free to contact us at 281-924-2135 for a free telecommunications evaluation. A telecommunications evaluation will answer the following questions:

    • Is your telephone system the right fit for your business?

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    • Are there any cost savings that can be realized by replacing or upgrading your telephone system or making changes to your telephone service?

    • Is your telephone service correctly up to standards that would prevent potential telephone line problems?

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    • Elsa shrugged, Maybe he was drinking and didn t realize what I really look like.
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      Are there any additions to your system that can help your business run more smoothly and capture potential lost sales and revenue?

    • Is your wiring up to standards that prevent problems and costly repair bills?

    • Are you and your employees properly trained in the use and maintenance of your system so that they can be as efficient and professional in handling calls as possible?

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      Do you have proper documentation and backup that can allow swift restoration of services in the event of a catastrophic failure of your system?

    These questions and others will be answered by a free one hour evaluation by a competent techncian. A detailed report will be e-mailed to you within 3 business days of the survey.

    At this time, service is available only in the Greater Houston area.

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